Different Colours EP by Darren Gregory out now

Different Colours is a 4 track e.p from U.K based producer Darren Gregory featuring classic juno & 808 sounds delivered in 4 very slightly different styles. “Push it” is a straight up dancefloor track with simple groovy bass, flowing drums and classic pads ending on an arp high. “Don’t hold back” pays homage to Chicago with it’s sampled vox, Bassline lifted straight from a 106 and heavy 808 percussion. “Falling down” is a drifting house track with simple deep synths and heavily compressed percs. “The virus” is heavily inspired by classic house with it’s upfront bassline, heavy use of 808 drums and twisted synths.

Available from Beatport and all Major sites

Author: Darren Gregory
Tittle: Different Colours EP
Release Date: 5th August 2013
Label: Wasabi Generals Records

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