18.2 | Republic Artists w/ Broken Neon (Superfreq London / Jaded), Isherwood (Toi Toi), Arthur Keen LIVE, Thomas Tesla…….

Broke neon

We are happy to announce London based duo Broken Neon are back in Prague in February together with Toi Toi artist Isherwood (Prague debut). On the basement floor 2 they will be supported by our very own Russian Kirill Astra (Tamdem).

After a little break from giggling we have Arthur Keen headlining the basement floor 3 with his live performance showcasing his newest material which was party the reason we didn’t see our main man for while. In support we have Republic Artists label head Thomas Tesla and local Da Moon.

Bar stage will be in full control of Prague based Deff and our Austrian friend Mark Dale.

More info will follow soon, in mean time spread the word 😉

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